Graphic Design Festival Breda

The fourth edition of the biennial Graphic Design Festival Breda (GDFB) will be held from 17 to 27 April 2014. The festival explores current developments in the field of graphic visual culture and presents it in the historic centre of Breda. In a surprising and accessible manner GDFB connects the work of international designers with technological development and social context. The festival inspires and confronts more than 15,000 visitors and 75,000 passers-by with the influence of graphic design on their behaviour and opinions.

Urban sign painting:
Sometimes old murals still remember the heyday of the craft, but actually hand painted type has disappeared from the Dutch streets. Nowadays shop owners choose plastic (sidewalk) advertisments and standard adhesive letters. Likewise the Ginnekenstraat has turned into anonimous shopping street. On the backside several designers work daily creating hand painted murals based on the history and context of the place.

April 17 - 18 - 22 Rutger Termohlen, Collin van der Sluijs en Super A
April 20 - 21 Job Wouters a.k.a Letman
April 22 - 23 Jeff Canham
April 24 - 27 Stephen Powers
April 25 - 26 Mike Perry