The Junk Mail! Show

July 9th - 30th, 2010
Opening July 9th, 6:00 to 9:00pm
The Soap Gallery
3180 Mission Street
San Francisco, Ca 94110

Friday night July 9th from 6-9pm please join 30+ Bay Area Artists and one Mid-Western Artist in celebrating the opening of " many products so little time...The JUNK MAIL! Show." Sculpture, drawing, printmaking, video, artist's books, poetry, prose, collage and painting are all part of this hilarious send-up of the consumer world meets Pop Art = junk mail culture. A collection of awesomely ultra-mundane meditations on the advertising campaigns and products that are pushed on us when we're least expecting it.

Co-organizers and artists Andy Vogt and Sarah Smith literally forced the 30+ participants in this show to confront, read and be inspired by rather than recycle the junk that mail carriers dump on us daily. From the wreckage of this domestic "postal carpet bombing,” the artists in The JUNK MAIL! Show use ideas and imagery culled from the endless supply of direct mail circulars to create homages to the detritus of the mail slot.

Participating artists :
John Alderman, Bert Bergen, Meri Brin, Jeff Canham, Randy Colosky, Ilana Crispi, Lauren Davies, Derek Fagerstrom, Tara Lisa Foley, Erica Gangsei, Terrance Graven, Jennie Hinchcliff, Malik Johnson, Ingrid Keir, Kyle Knobel, Bessie Kunath, Miriam Lakes, Denise Laws, Kristina Lewis, Wizard Master, Mike McConnell, Honey McMoney, Daniel Nevers, Kelsey Nicholson, John Riegert, Michelle Rose, Lauren Smith, Sarah Smith, Charlene Tan, Nicolas Torres, Scott Tsuchitani, Andy Vogt, Sam Ward, Christine Wong Yap, and more!

Organized By Sarah Smith + Andy Vogt