Red Room
EDITIONS 2012/13
November, 23 2012

Der Kunstverein, seit 1817
Klosterwall 23
20095 Hamburg, Germany

Every year, the Kunstverein traditionally offers its members editions. Originally this used to be prints, but nowadays they are more likely to range from a series of unique works or photographs to small objects.

This year we would like to change this principle a bit as our year’s programme touches upon the applied arts more or less direct in the different exhibitions. This does not necessarily mean that the editions need to be usable, but rather that we look out for positions that do, in one way or the other, use specific techniques, apply a pictorial language or strategies that reach out beyond the array of the so called fine arts. Or, the other way around, work in the applied arts rather artistically.

The "red room" starts at the end of November 2012 with works by: Moritz Altmann, Aaron Angell, Adelaida Cue Bär, Stefanie Becker, Studio Besau-Marguerre, Michael Beutler, Monica Bonvicini, Ayzit Bostan, Ulla von Brandenburg, Antje Bromma, Peter Callesen, Jeff Canham, Drift Design, Gabi Dziuba & Mirjam Thomann, Martino Gamper, Chris Gilmour, Hui Hui, Carsten Höller, Jonathan Johnson, Stefan Kern, Katharina Koppenwallner, Axel Loytved and Daniel Wolff, Ruth May, Monika Michalko, Mirau presents Carsten Meyer and Tomma Brook, Arthur Morass, Polly Morgan, Kate Newby, Laura Owens, Michael Pfisterer, Aaron Rose, Bojan Sarcevic, Roman Schramm, Lourdes Schulz, Ji Young Song, Michael Stumpf, Stefan Thater, Viron Vert, Silke Wagner, Jochen Weber, Katy West, Pae White, Richard Woodset al.